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1. The graphic body of logo of Guozhen Group comes from the initial letters of "G" and "Z" from Guozhen.
2. The full and smooth external circle of the logo denotes the industrial integration concept of  Guozhen  Group, simple and full of sense of coagulation.
3. The letter Z appears in decomposed pattern in the logo, providing the logo with flexibility and tenacity, which symbolizes a thriving future of the enterprise, like an arrow breaking through from all difficult conditions; where the letter Z also looks like the figure 1, symbolizing the ambitions and objectives of the enterprise to achieve leading status in the industry.
4. The overall logo represent the Guozhen Image of new era finding our way out of the country, entering the global stage and participating in international competitions, which also embodies the philosophy of "Industry development to serve the country and contribution to the society", of profound intension and strong visual impact.
5. The logo adopts blue color as the symbol of calm and wisdom, which also represents the blue sky, the sea and the universe, with unlimited inclusivity and expansivity, elaborating the people-oriented and credit-based enterprise spirits and the ambitious aspirations and sentiment of Guozhen staff to create a brilliant world for both the society and the public. 

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