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To devote to work and dedicate to the country, dare to take lead and be ready to take heavy responsibility; to seek both progress and development, and make these the basic characters of ourselves. 


To hold good faith, keep loyalty to the company, honesty and integrity to colleagues, and not to talk of a person behind his back, and make the above  the  basic personalities of ourselves.


To manage the company through hard working and frugality and establish a great enterprise through hard teamwork. To treasure every cent earned by hard works of employees, spend evenry cent to create ten folds of value, and make these the basic quality of ourselves.


To keep the same pace with the development of the company. To share the same weal and woe with the company, and not to make any action to the detriment of the company for the interests of our one, and make these the basic standards of ourselves.


To maintain competitiveness as the power of survival, and to rouse ourselves and surpass others instead of belittling or resenting others because of our one shortcomings, and make these the essential criteria of ourselves.


To study hard and be innovative. To keep in mind that skills and wisdom is the foundation of a company's successes, and the courage in the course of high-tech research & development is the basic requirement for the employees of our company. 

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